The Fort Myers, FL branch of Wachovia Bank is currently providing lot loans for purchasing area vacant lots such as the ones on  For more information, contact Wachovia by using this link:,,2357,00.html

Typically, a bank will require a land survey prior to approving a loan for vacant land.  This survey may take several weeks to complete due to the large backlog.


There is an online lot loan company called "Fast Land Loans.COM":
Vacant Lot & Land Purchase Loans or Refinance & Cash Out Equity
*No $$ limits
*No Credit Check
*No Income Verification
*No Size or Quantity Limitations
*Up to 70% Loan To Value
*Fast Streamlined Process
*Refi or Buy then Sell (OK)
*Investors (OK)
*CASH OUT LAND LOAN,must have minimum of 1 year ownership, recorded title.